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LUCI Help Documentation
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1 Purpose of this document The document combines the information from the LUCI v0.4 help documentation and the LUCI 2017 release version Help text-aligned with in the tool help that was included in LUCItools and the updated help text within the LUCItools ArcMap interface. This document is written for the version of LUCI on SourceTree on the develop branch as of 30/01/2019. More information on LUCI including our team and research projects can be found at 2 Overview The LUCI (Land Utilisation and Capability Indicator) model, is a second-generation extension and software implementation of the Polyscape framework, as described in (Jackson et al., 2013). LUCI explores the capability of a landscape to provide a variety of ecosystem services, such as agricultural production, erosion control, carbon sequestration, ood mitigation, habitat provision etc. It compares the services provided by the current utilisation of the landscape to estimates of its potential capability, and uses this information to identify areas where change might be bene cial, and where maintenance of the status quo might be desirable.
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