EcoService Models Library (ESML)

Viewing details of EMs, Source Documents, Runs associated with EMs, and EM Variables

Viewing EMs and Source Documents

After performing a search, detailed information about a given EM is accessible by clicking a model name on the search result page.  Likewise, users can click Source Document Title to view Bibliographic Entry details.

Viewing Runs associated with an EM

When viewing EM details, users may see that multiple runs have been entered for some of the EMs, as designated by the "trident" icon.  By clicking, the EM details display is expanded to show information about the related runs.

Viewing EM Variable Details

When viewing EM details, users may expand the EM Variables section to view the names of variables, the count of variables of each type, and the total count of variables.  Click on a variable name or count to view details of one or more variables belonging to the selected EM, or one of its associated runs.