EcoService Models Library (ESML)

Linking EMs

Sometimes modelers seek to link multiple EMs in sequence, to answer larger questions about ecosystem service production.  Suppose, for example, that one EM addresses the impact of a human-induced change on a particular ecosystem type, and a different EM is found that relates that ecosystem change to change in an ecosystem good or service.  Linking these EMs might help achieve the users modeling objectives.

Such linkage is possible when the response variables of one model are similar to the predictor variables required by another model.  The Compare EMs view allows users to align and compare variables across multiple EMs. 

Within Compare EMs, select EM Variables by Category to examine the Potential for Model Linkage by sorting variables into ESML Variable Classification Hierarchy top level categories. Users can then visually check for cross-EM variable similarity by comparing the names and units of the predictor and response variables of selected EMs.